Senior Competition Co-ordinator: Ahmad Cheikho (0408 703 747)/Sivasaran Sooriakumar (0468 963 440) or ahmad@sydneyoztag.com.au/ siva@sydneyoztag.com.au

This website has been create for your convenience to get all the latest information & news regarding your competition while also providing you updates from the Sydney Oztag Association. Always check back to this page along with the tabs for Earlwood as information is communicated and updated on a weekly schedule.

Next Competition Starting:

Venue: Waterworth Park, Earlwood.

Registration Fees: $70 per player Monday nights 

Competition:7 weeks plus finals

Day / DateDivisionsTimes
Monday03/09/18Men’s / Mixed/ Ladies6:15 / 7:00 / 7:45 / 8:30

Time allocations vary throughout the season

Step In Registering A Team:

Click on the Earlwood tab & go to forms 

Print off a copy of the team entry form & have it filled in

All team entries must be submitted to siva@sydneyoztag.com.au

A team deposit is also required to be sent to the account of the following:

                        Sydney Oztag

                        Bsb 032 055

                        Acc 204242


By following these steps, you reserve a spot in the competition

Each team will also be required to print off a copy of the team registration sheet and have all their players fill it in including all details, especially rego card numbers. This is to be handed in on the first night of competition.


Bonus Points:

For teams that complete their registration form, send through their deposit or pay in full for 10 registered players then they will receive BONUS POINTS that we on offer up until round 2.

                 Round 1: 4 Bonus Points, pay for 10 registered players on round 1.

                Round 2: 3 Bonus Points, pay for 10 registered players on round 2.

                 Round 3: All registration is due, only registered players are allowed to take the field. Teams will receive ZERO POINTS for not having this completed. Teams will also receive ZERO POINTS in registration form is not 100% completed by round 3.

Premier Prizes:  

All division premiers will have a choice of one of the following, either jumpers or singlets.

Sin Bins / Suspensions & Behavioural Tolerance:

Only Delegates & Captains are permitted to approach the referee’s.

Referee’s will not tolerate any talk back on the field, foul language directed at either the opposition or referee, making physical contact with opposition players or any form of foul play.

Referee’s will give a warning, once the warning has been given a penalty will then be given. If the player / team continues to make offences then a Sin Bin will be instructed. If the player or team continues to act in an improper way then a Send Off will be issued. Any player that is sent off will receive a one week suspension.  

No form of foul play or abuse will be tolerated on any level at Ryde-Eastwood

Jerseys / Singlets:

For all your sporting tops whether it be singlets or jerseys go to www.ezykass.com

All teams are required to be in matching uniform as of round 3. This includes same patterns and numbers on the back. For any player that is in an incorrect top, 1 points will be awarded to the opposition for this.

Referee’s Wanted:

Referee’s are always wanted for the Earlwood competition as we look to expand the sport. It is always a great way to get involved and stay fit. Training is provide and is always a paid position as well.

If interested in becoming a referee then forward a email to Ahmad@sydneyoztag.com.au