New Procedure For State Cup & Sydney Cup 2022

After the announcement made by Australian Oztag about removing the Development Tournament for 2022, Sydney Oztag will now be running a Sydney Cup tournament which will allow all the players that would have gone away for Development Tournament to participate.

For State Cup 2022

  • Each area is allowed to enter two teams per division away to the NSW State Cup Championship.
  • Teams that were previously division 1 will skip this process & not compete in Sydney Cup provided that the coach remains the same.
  • Teams that wish to take the place of the second team to go away will now be required to compete in the Sydney Cup weekend tournament. (where applicable)
  • The highest-ranked team of that area in that division will gain that second spot where applicable


Qualification Players & Coaches Eligibility:

For a player to qualify, they MUST have been registered in the Winter or Spring 2021 season & have played at least 7 competition games in a completed season. If you did not register in either of the seasons, then you do not qualify.

Coaches must be from the area, cannot play in another area & coach a different area.


Sydney Cup Development Weekend Tournament:

Location: TBC

Date: 25th – 27th March 2022

Prize: Highest-ranked team gains selection to NSW State Cup Championship for their area where applicable

Player Cost & Uniform:

  • 1x Playing Shirt/Singlet (Themed as Captain America)
  • 1x Shorts/Tights (State Cup)
  • 1x Registration

Total Cost: Males $150, Females $155

If players have the State Cup shorts or tights then they will not be required to order. Teams that gain promotion to State Cup will be able to play in the themed top or if they wish they have the choice to order the State Cup playing top.

Sydney Oztag will then run a week-to-week Sydney Cup competition for the development teams & others that wish to participate.

Sydney Cup Development Competition:

Location: TBC

Date: 10th April – 29th May. (6-week competition followed by finals)

Prize: $1000 prize money for winners per division

Player Cost & Uniform:

  • 1x Playing Shirt/Singlet (Themed as Captain America)
  • 1x Shorts/Tights (State Cup)
  • 1x Registration

Total Cost: Males $150, Females $155

Please note: if your team enters in both Sydney Cup tournaments, total registration will be $100 per player for the both, if they only enter in one it will be $60 per player.

Sydney Cup Development Tournament  

If you would like to enter a team for the Sydney Cup Development Tournament, please complete the following EOI

If you would like to play in the Sydney Cup Development Tournament as an individual and be allocated into a side please complete the following EOI

NSW State Cup Division 1 Available & Coaches Assignment:

  • Men’s Under 20’s (Coach: Nui Isaako Manager: TBA)
  • Women’s Under ’20s (Coach: Monique Luff  Manager: TBA)
  • Mixed Under 20’s (Coach: TBA Manager: TBA)
  • Men’s Open’s 1 (Coach: Jacky Ho, Manager: TBA)
  • Men’s Open’s 2 (Coach: Liam Burke, Manager: Chris Brosnan)
  • Men’s Over 30’s 1 (Coach: William Li, Manager: TBA)
  • Men’s Over 30’s 2 (Coach: TBA, Manager: TBA)
  • Women’s Open’s 1 (Coach: Sivasaran Sooriakumar, Manager: TBA)
  • Women’s Open’s 2 (Coach: Alex Weedon-Newstead, Assistant Coach: Jordan Mann Manager: Roger Ong )
  • Women’s Snrs (Coach: Jay Sykes, Manager: Emma Hewett)
  • Mixed Open’s 1 (Coach: Christopher Olsen Manager: Todd Winter)
  • Mixed Open’s 2 (Coach: Christoper Olsen, Manager:TBA)
  • Mixed Snrs(Coach: TBA, Manager: TBA)
  • Mens 40’s (Coach: Fedel Kassem Manager:TBA)
  • Mens 50’s (Coach: Sandro Burgio Manager:TBA)

To apply for a coaching position, please Contact Sivasaran Sooriakumar on 0433 686 140.

To apply for a Playing position, please complete the EOI

NSW State Cup Information:

Location: C.ex Stadium, Coff’s Habour

Date: 24th – 26th June 2022

Player Pack, Cost & Information:

  • 1x Playing Shirt/Singlet
  • 1x Club/Training Shirt
  • 1x Shorts/Tights
  • 1x Socks
  • 1x Registration
  • 1x Association Levy

Male Cost: $260

Female Cost: $265

  • Any club sponsors will go on the club/training tops

Sponsors that are acquired by the teams will have packages available to choose from which will then determine their logo placement on playing uniform.


Thank you all,

Sydney City Board