Here you shall find all the latest information regarding the competition, draws, ladder & representative news. Please ensure you constantly come back here to see updated information.


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/359153697475353/

Instagram: rydeeastwood_oztag

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2P_EZIuse1qJfWcS0ntusw

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Contact Details

Competition Co-ordinator: Shaamus Poole

Mobile: 0422 967 170

Email: shaamus@sydneyoztag.com.au

Contactable Hours: Monday to Thursday, 12pm to 5pm


Next Season Details:


  • Monday 29th August 2022
  • Tuesday 30th August 2022
  • Wednesday 31st August 2022


  • Monday: Meadowbank Park, Meadowbank & Marsfield Park, Marsfield
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: Meadowbank Park, Meadowbank

Registration: $130

Early Bird/Registration Day: $120






Men’s / Mixed

6:15 / 7:00

7:45 / 8:30



Women’s / Mixed

6:15 / 7:00

7:45 / 8:30




6:15 / 7:00

7:45 / 8:30


Referee’s Required:

As Spring season is our biggest season, we require a number of referees in order for the competition to go ahead & availability of referees will determine how many teams we can take on board. There are a number of positions available from full-time (4 games a night) & part-time (2/3 games a night). We require the following.

Monday: 8 full-timers

Monday: 8 part-timers

Tuesday: 9 full-timers

Tuesday: 14 part-timers

Wednesday: 6 full timers

Wednesday: 6 part-timers

If interested, then please join the following group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1044319752309958  or contact Shaamus Poole on the number above. Training is conducted, paid per game that is refereed.


Competition Rules & Regulations:

Ryde-Eastwood Competition Rules & Regulations

Please view the competition rules & regulations regarding the competition which all delegates & players MUST adhere by.


Registration Process: 

Delegate or representative MUST complete & submit the Expression Of Interest with all correct details: 

Criteria for team nominations will be combined as listed below:

  • Teams that have an official referee that can referee on the competition nights & do 3 games a night or 4 games on another night then their team will get first preference.
  • Teams that played all three seasons (Spring 2021, Autumn 2022 & Winter 2022) will get second preference.
  • Teams that played one of the three seasons (Spring 2021, Autumn 2022 & Winter 2022) will get third preference
  • Teams of Division 1/2 quality will be considered to enter in above all provided they supply a referee but will need to inform Shaamus.
  • New teams will be considered after the preferences above. 

Delegate or representative will then be required to attend the registration days with details being emailed to them along with handing in the required form below & all forms are to be TYPED UPAny forms that are handwritten will not be accepted along with not being filled in correctly will be turned away.

Teams that fail to attend registration day will lose their spot to teams on a waiting list.


Expression Of Interest Form: 

Please ensure you have read all the information above before submitting an EOI



Spring Season Entry List: Updated 9/8/22 3:30pm

Teams marked in blue will get first preference in due to having an official referee that referees regularly at Ryde-Eastwood Oztag

Spring Season Entry List


Jersey’s & Singlet’s:

Teams will be required to be in matching tops with screen printed or ironed on numbers from Round 1. Teams that order through Good Fellows Sports will be exempted from jersey point penalties


Thanking you kindly,